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Read "Demonglass: A Hex Hall Novel" by Rachel Hawkins available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Sophie Mercer. Rachel Hawkins: Demonglass. Author: Rachel Hawkins, Number of Pages: pages Published Date: 07 Feb Publisher: Hyperion. Demonglass (Hex Hall #2) read online free by Rachel Hawkins. About the Author Demonglass (Hex Hall Series #2) - free PDF, CHM, DJVU, TXT. Demonglass.

They're demons too. Meaning, someone is raising demons in secret, with creepy plans to use their powers, and probably not for good. Meanwhile, The Eye is set on hunting Sophie down, and they're using Archer to do it. But it's not like she has feelings for him anymore. Does she? With a winning combination of romance, action, magic and humor, this third volume will leave readers enchanted. Just as Sophie Mercer has come to accept her extraordinary magical powers as a demon, the Prodigium Council strips them away.

I sat up and pushed my wet hair out of eyes. Cal was standing a few feet away. I glared at him. I followed his gaze and saw a slender, dark-haired man. He was standing very still , watching me. Suddenly, it was hard to breathe all over again. I rose to my feet on shaky legs, tugging my soaked clothes back into place. The last thing I saw before I fainted was my father walking toward me as I crashed back to the pier.

Now my mom was next to me on the couch, one arm wrapped around my shoulders. So the Vandy was trying to kill me? He was so different from what I expected. In a fussy way. He looked like the kind of guy who had a lot of shoe trees.

I glanced over at Mom and saw that she was having the opposite problem from me. She was looking anywhere but at Dad. Dad turned another page. Specifically, not the whole me-making-out-in-the-cellarwith-him part. Miss Parris and her friends, Anna Gilroy and Chaston Burnett, murdered the other member of their coven, Holly Mitchel , and raised a demon who just happened to be your great-grandmother, Alice Barrow.

A puckered scar ran across my palm, a souvenir of that night. Demonglass leaves quite a mark. Clearing his throat, Dad dropped the papers. Ironic considering the fact that I sent you here to be safe. You want those stories, you can read the accounts I wrote up for the Council.

No one calls me Sophia. I asked you to come here as head of the Council so I can get my stupid powers removed. I whirled on him. Secondly, I do understand the implications of my decision.

Removing my powers will keep me from potentially killing someone. Your father has never lost control of his powers. More time to weigh your options might be a good thing. I saw what she was, what she did, what she was capable of. I really would rather die. But Dad nodded. Their eyes met and something passed between them before Dad continued. In England? There had been three sightings of Archer in England. Dad paused, and for one awful moment I wondered if he could read minds.

My house, no. They have room. Dad began fishing in his coat for something, but when he pulled out a thin brown cigarette, Mrs Casnoff made a disapproving cluck.

He sighed and put the cigarette back. And then there was England. She seemed pretty shaken up, which was understandable, what with watching me nearly get killed, then having to deal with Dad.

I took a deep breath. But I want to bring Jenna. It was such a formal name. Cal suited him a lot better. A sense of dread slowly began creeping up my spine. There are a lot of freaky things witches and warlocks do, obviously, but the arranged marriage thing was one of the grossest. When a witch is thirteen, her parents hook her up with an available warlock, based on things like compatible powers and family alliances. The entire thing is so eighteenth century.

As I stomped across school grounds, all I could see was Cal sitting with my dad in some manly room with leather chairs and dead animals on the wall, chomping on cigars as Dad formally signed me away to him.

They probably even high-fived. I finally found Cal in the potting shed behind the greenhouse, where our Defence classes were held. His talent for healing extended to plants, and he was running his hands over a browned and drooping azalea when I flung open the door. He squinted as a shaft of late afternoon sunlight flooded in behind me.

Cal muttered something under his breath and turned back to the plant. I stood there waiting for him to say something else, but that was apparently all Cal had to say. Before it hit, he raised his hand and the dirt froze in mid-air. It hovered there for a moment before floating slowly back to the bag.

As usual, he looked more like an all -American high school quarterback than a warlock. His face was blank, but Cal always held his cards pretty close to his chest.

So what was the point in making you all freaked out and hostile? Cal gave a pointed look to the potting soil, and I rolled my eyes. It sounds too weird.


Of course, now that I knew he was an Eye, I wondered how legit that had ever been. So are we cool? Almost forgot.

Dad wants you to come to England with us this summer. He got up and walked back to the azalea, which I guess was my cue to leave. He made a sound that might have been a laugh, but it was Cal, so I doubt it. The sun was beginning to set when I walked up the front steps of the crazy half-antebellum mansion, half-stucco institution that was Hecate Hall. Crickets were already chirping, and frogs croaked around the pond.

A gentle breeze that smelled like honeysuckle and the sea breeze nudged the vines that climbed the walls of the school. I turned and looked back at the lawn. So much had happened to me since Mom had steered that rental car up the drive for the first time, and, as impossible as it would have seemed then, Hecate Hall almost felt like home.

Something furry brushed my arm. Glancing behind me, I could see a handful of them gathering in the foyer. Luckily, nearly dying had cleared me of that suspicion. I reached out to pat her shoulder. I waited until she had loped off before wiping my cheek with the back of my hand. I headed up to the third floor, where all the girls were housed.

There were a few people gathered in the lounge on the landing, but for the most part, things were pretty quiet tonight. Taylor, one of the shifters, saw me and waved. Oh, right. Especially after the Bed Thing. Instead of scooting over a few feet, the bed had gone flying out the window, taking out a big chunk of the wall with it.

Mrs Casnoff had not been amused. Especially since the Bed Thing had followed the Doritos Incident. There were still traces of cheese dust in the floorboards. Ever since Alice and Elodie, my magic had definitely been…off. After saying good-bye to Taylor, I continued on to my room.

A few more students called out greetings, or commented on my date with the pond. It still caught me off guard, this newfound popularity. But according to Jenna, who was a champion eavesdropper, everybody still thought I was just a superpowerful dark witch. The most popular one had Archer sneaking back onto Graymalkin Island and me and Elodie trying to fight him off with our mad magic skills, Elodie dying in the attempt.

Too bad the truth was a lot more complicated. And a lot sadder. I was nearly at my door when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. Hecate Hall was full of ghosts, so we were always catching glimpses of them like that. But when I saw who it was, I froze. Even as a ghost, Elodie was still beautiful.


Her red hair waved around her face, and her skin was translucent. It sucked that she had to spend eternity wearing her school uniform, but then again, Elodie made even that look good. She was doing what all the ghosts seemed to do: Her death had been her own fault. She and her coven had raised a demon in the hopes that they could bind it and use its power.

Still , Elodie had given me her last spark of magic. Without it, I never would have been able to kill Alice. Now Elodie drifted past me, her eyes searching for something, her feet not touching the ground. It seemed wrong that someone as vibrant as Elodie would be reduced to this pale, sad spirit, forever wandering the place where she died. The ghost swung around and looked at me.

My heart lodged in my throat. That was impossible. But Elodie was staring at me, the expression on her face no longer lost and bewildered, but annoyed, with just a touch of disdain.

A pause. Then, to my disbelief, she made a tiny nod. Unlike Cal, Jenna had a lot of questions, so the story took a lot longer to tell. I left out the part about Cal and I being betrothed. Jenna was already practically wearing a Team Cal T-shirt. By the time I was finished, I felt too tired even to go down to dinner, usually my favorite time of day.

I have no idea. And thank you.

You were the deal breaker, my friend. No Jenna, no England. Those were my conditions. Do we get to use some sort of sweet witchy transportation to get there? Like, a traveling spell or a magical portal? After all , my uniform still had the distinct odor of Nasty Pond. I would need at least a thirty-minute shower before going to bed tonight. Mrs Casnoff had a file on Archer in her bottom desk drawer.

Her desk was protected from spell s, but apparently not from nail files and elbow grease. I overheard those two witches in Savannah. That would be stupid. I knew what she wanted me to say. For the first time in a long time, I let myself remember Archer, really remember him.

His brown eyes and slow smile. His laugh, and how I felt when I was with him. I lowered my eyes to the table. After a moment we started talking about the trip again, and I made Jenna laugh by wondering aloud if there was such a thing as vampire high tea. I felt better as we left the dining hall , and Jenna must have too, since she looped her arm through mine to walk up the stairs.

Even as a not so tiny part of it hoped that he was. Chapter 4 Three weeks later, I left for England. Mom and Mrs Casnoff walked down to the ferry with the four of us late in the afternoon.

Jenna had already claimed a bench in the shade, and Cal was talking in a low voice to Mrs Casnoff. I saw her look over his shoulder at me, and wondered how she felt about me leaving for the summer. She was probably pumped, or as pumped as Mrs Casnoff got. It was a thought that had burned at the back of my brain for months, and here I was making the same mistake al over again. Before I could think about that any more, Mom wrapped her arms around me.

Dad drew in a sharp breath next to me, but when I glanced over at him, he had turned away. Cal, Jenna, and I stood at the railing as the ferry pulled away from the dock. Mrs Casnoff stood on the shore, watching us go, but Mom was already walking back into the woods that surrounded the beach.

I was glad. The ferry chugged out into the brown water. Over the trees, we could make out the very top of Hecate Hall.

But the farther we got from the school, the more troubled he looked. Even Jenna, who usually acted like she was composing a thesis on all the ways Hecate sucked, looked wistful. I stared at the bit of roof I could see against the blue sky, and a strong sense of foreboding came over me, as though the sun had gone behind a cloud. The three of us will never come back here.

The thought was so startling that I shivered. I tried to shake it off. That was ridiculous. Still , the feeling stayed with me long after Graymalkin Island had faded in the distance. The long flight from Georgia to England had been pretty uneventful.

Except that Cal had sat next to me. Which was fine. We were cool. I guess being back in the motherland will do that to a guy. Jenna was practically bouncing with excitement, but Cal looked as tired as I felt.

My eyes felt gritty and hot, and all I could think about was collapsing into a bed. After all , my poor body thought it was six a. But the car had driven out of the crowded streets and past small houses all clustered together that reminded me of a Dickens story. Gradual y, the brick buildings had given way to trees and rolling green hills. I saw more sheep than I thought existed.

Cal smiled. Probably all sorts of English plants to heal— Then I caught sight of a house. Although, calling it a house was like calling the Mona Lisa a painting, or Hecate Hall a school. It sat nestled in a lush valley, an emerald green lawn stretching in front of it, while a forested hill rose in the back.

A thin, shining ribbon of water curved gracefully along one side of the property. Literally hundreds of windows glittered in the sunlight. Dad just smiled, looking way too satisfied with himself. But there was an abbey on the land. I was watching several people walk out the front door of the house. The car rumbled over a stone bridge and pulled into a circular drive.

Impossibly wide steps led up to a terrace made of the same golden-colored stone as the rest of the house. There were six people standing there, two dark-haired kids who looked about my age, and four adults. I guessed they were all Prodigium. Well , the faerie was obvious, but I could sense magic hovering around the rest of them, too. The gravel crunched under my feet, and in the distance I heard birds singing.

Jenna appeared at my elbow, her earlier excitement gone, her fingers moving over her bloodstone. Dad placed a hand on the small of my back and steered me up the steps.

My daughter.

Something like magic, but darker, more powerful. It was coming from the two teenagers near the back of the crowd. They were the only ones not smiling, and the boy—who looked weirdly familiar—was glaring at me. Realization slammed into my chest, and it was all I could do not to gasp. They were demons. Chapter 5 I stared at the demon kids, numbness seeping through me.

Dad and I were supposed to be the only demons in the world, so how— A sudden, horrifying thought came to me: Had Dad dragged me all the way to England to play out some twisted version of the Brady Bunch? But Dad smiled proudly. They were whispering to each other. Then something else occurred to me.

The girl shot me one last look before they slipped inside. He was older than Dad, and his white hair gleamed in the sunlight. I could feel it. Wondering if he turned into a husky dog, I turned to the next guy, craning my neck to look up at him.

Another werewolf. Dad said something about speaking with all of them later, and then, finally, we headed inside. It was one of those spaces where you felt like you could look forever and still not see everything. Hecate could be overwhelming as well , but it was nothing like this. Like Hecate, the main entrance was dominated by a staircase, but this one was a lot bigger, and carved from white limestone. The steps were covered in a carpet as red as spilled blood.

From the looks of it, it was violent and tragic.

Other paintings around the room showed the same kind of scene: I shivered. Even in June, it was impossible to believe you could ever be warm in a room like this. They were all wearing black uniforms, and had nearly identical smiles plastered on their faces.

Because you guys could take them out if they went all super-demon. Nick and Daisy have already had several attempts made on their lives. Her heels clicked on the marble as she strode toward us. We can talk later. As we walked, Lara rattled off statistics that I only half listened to.

They were unbelievable anyway. Over a million cubic feet of living space. More than three hundred rooms, thirty-one of which were kitchens. Ninetyeight bathrooms. Three hundred and fifty-nine windows. Two thousand four hundred and seventy-six lightbulbs. Jenna was shaking her head by the time we reached the fourth floor, where the three of us would be staying. Cal was shown to his room first, and Jenna burst into giggles when we peeked over his shoulder.

The room could not have been less Cal. I mean, I guess the hunter-green bedding and drapes were kind of masculine, but the spindly gold-and-white furniture was definitely not.

See a Problem?

Nor was the giant ruffled canopy over his huge bed. Then he flopped down on the bed, only to sink out of sight in the middle of it. Lara looked offended.

He gave her the thumbs-up, which only made me and Jenna laugh harder. Frowning, Lara led us down the hall a little ways. She opened a door, and there was no doubt this room had been set up for Jenna. There were pink drapes, pink furniture, and even a deep rose-colored bedspread. The room overlooked a small , private garden. A breeze from the open window carried the scent of flowers. I had to admit, I was impressed. And a little surprised. Lara must have been thinking the same thing, because she crossed the room and opened a cherrywood armoire.

Inside, there was a mini-fridge stacked high with blood bags. Jenna just shut the door and, I assumed, chowed down. For a moment, all I could do was stand in the doorway and gape. In the center of the garden, a fountain sprayed sparkling showers of water into the soft afternoon air.

The drapes around the windows were white satin with a delicate green pattern that I thought were supposed to mimic leaves. Likewise, the wallpaper was white with long green stems of grass, like a jungle, punctuated by the occasional brightly colored flower. The bed itself was snow white, with a pale silk canopy overhead. I had my own fainting couch, and two chairs, all covered in apple-green velvet.

There were even a couple of my favorite books stacked on the nightstand, and a picture of my mom on a low bookcase by the window. And she had, although I thought it had less to do with me and more to do with Dad. Maybe she just wanted to impress her boss. Then I realized that she could be sucking up to me because I might be her boss one day. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was lie down. She pulled a cellphone out of her jacket and handed it to me.

I wondered if I still remembered how to text. Then Lara pointed to a gorgeous roll top desk, and for the first time, I noticed the sleek silver laptop sitting on its surface.

Mrs Casnoff supposedly had one in her private quarters. Jenna and I had spent one very boring Magical Evolution class speculating on what her e-mail address might be. Once Lara had slipped from the room, I called Mom. When I told her that we were at Thorne Abbey, her voice immediately turned suspicious.

Did he say why? I was in England. With my dad. At some ridiculously huge house that was also serving as Council Headquarters, and home to two other demons. Then, of course, there was the fact that my sort-of-excrush might be lurking around the same country, all monsterkilling. Yeah, I was definitely gonna need a nap before dealing with any of that.

I flopped on my new bed. It may never have belonged to a duke, but it had apparently been stuffed with baby angel feathers. Kicking off my shoes, I settled into the cool sheets. Everything smelled faintly of sunshine and green grass. I figured I could nap for an hour or so before I went and talked to Dad. I closed my eyes, and fell asleep still wondering why the name Thorne sounded so familiar to me.

Chapter 6 The next thing I knew, someone was shaking me, and a shout was echoing in my ears. I had a feeling it had come from me. Disoriented, I sat up, my heart thrumming in my chest.

You were yelling. Screaming, actually. And also weird. I never had nightmares, not even after all that had happened last semester. I searched my brain for any image or memory from the dream, but it was like my head was stuffed with cotton. I tried to smile. More than sad. Not all three of us, at least. Maybe that comes with being a vampire, or maybe she was that way before she changed. Seeing or sensing the future? No offense.

Well , maybe you could ask your dad. Learning what it means to be a demon? Sometimes dreams are just dreams. Instead, I told Jenna about seeing Elodie. And apparently, that was the one thing that could surprise Jenna.

Like, right at you? Soph, you have to tell her. Or me.

Dunkle Magie (Hex Hall, Band 2)

Jenna and I had never really talked about it, but we both knew that if I had just told someone about seeing Alice, then Jenna might never have been accused of the attacks on Chaston and Anna. And, of course, Elodie might still be alive. Or, duh, I can call her. Lara gave me a cellphone. What kind? Do not try to distract me with shiny, sexy technology, Sophie Mercer. I held up my hand and did what I thought was the Girl Scout salute.

Or it could have been that Star Trek thing. And if I do not tell her, I swear to download Jenna a pony. A vampire pony. I felt about a million times better as we both started to laugh.

Jenna was right. There were people I could trust now, people who deserved to know what was going on with me. I was done with secrets. I thought you might faint there for a second. He looked a lot like Archer. In fact, I thought that might be part of the reason you looked all vomitish.

Similar hair.

Kind of smirky. Both of them are. But thought you and your dad were the only ones in the whole world. Hence my puking face. I did a little exploring while you took that epic nap. You were out for like three hours. Anyway, I was scared to go too far by myself. You know you could probably take out anything that goes bump in the night? This place is just…different. Thirty-one kitchens. Just kitchens, Soph.

There were several lamps affixed to the walls, but it was still gloomy. Unfortunately, they lost most of their wealth after World War I , and in , they were forced to sell all of their properties except for the Abbey. It still belongs to the Thorne family. How do you know all of this? Some really fascinating stuff happened here. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

This volume makes volume 1 look so small in terms of the amount of things going on and leaves you debating which side is good and which side is evil. Sophie, Cal and Jenna go to England, where they also discover two other demon teenagers. She did, however, lose some well-earned Brownie points with her simpering simperiness when it came to the boys in her life. I would totally recommend it.

He definitely plays a bigger part in this book. Whats a girl to do? We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Meaning, someone is raising demons in secret, with creepy plans to use their powers, and probably not for good. Her internal dialogue really got on my nerves. If you loved the first one, by all means read the next one! Personalize Common Sense for your family.Sophie is growing into herself. Julie Kagawa. This volume makes volume 1 look so small in terms of the amount of things going on and leaves you debating which side is good and which side is evil.

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