Finding Reality is a free ebook (downloads to After reading hundreds of books on philosophy, spiritual growth, and living well, here's a list of the books. In past deep thinking on any subject was considered as philosophy and thinker was called philosopher. Even today researcher on any subject is honored with. The present publication meets a significant demand of seeking minds for a textbook on the metaphysics of a spiritual view of life, which goes into the heart of its.

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Philosophy of Life. Book List 1. Bach, Richard. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. • BAC -4 copies. Cervantes. Don Quixote. • G V An old book calmed my mind and transformed my life. This book resites the spirit of the Stoic philosophical tradition, now over two. in e-books, Philosophy | November 14th, 37 Comments. k. SHARES Download Free Philosophy Courses and Start Living the Examined Life.

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The world is well aware of this Universal Law. This law states that every action is followed by a corresponding reaction. What you give is what you get! The majority of Humans are happy with their life that has alternations of pain and pleasure. A little pleasure erases the pains.

Books on the Philosophical Life

Pains are forgotten over a period of time. So many are not unhappy with life. Also they have no idea about Rebirth.

Today more believe in Rebirth with past life Majority of us live our lives in an insignificantly small world, a small subset of the entire universe. We live in a Sense restricted world. Seekers knew that the world we live in is covered by two types of Maya. You can safely call them Maya of Physics. Because they can be explained through simple And the mind is invisible. It is 'me' that's a lie. Of course, the physical body will die, but I will never die.

There is something beyond death.

What lies beyond death may not be clearly visible, but definitely, death is not the I always thought that my mind was king, and it was the most important treasure I possessed. In fact, I thought I was the mind.

I recommend journaling or meditation to guide your thinking to come to real solutions. Study other philosophies. Gather philosophies from other people and books. I try to be as broad as possible when exposing myself to other ways of thinking. Focus on the answerable.

Philosophy Books

Philosophy should be practical. This means focusing less on the unanswerable questions that just lead you in circles. There is no grand truth, just now and experience.

Building a philosophy is an ongoing process of refinement, not an end result. My approach is to view any strategies I currently have as being the best available right now, but I am always open to new understandings.

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Seek references. Experience can sculpt your strategy on life. I aim to find as many broad experiences as possible so I can use them as points of reference when developing a life philosophy.

Connect with others. Discuss your philosophy and find the philosophy of other people. The two collections go hand in hand.

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Grateful if free ebooks on philosophy is forwarded to me for enriching the knowledge base. Wow, This is quite a bit of information, I hope the word of this place spreads like stupidity has in the last several years, One can only hope, , Thank you so much.

I just saw this page posted on Reddit. In the end, though, some future worlds may be freer than others.

Some less just. Others possibly more peaceful, and still others more diverse. We must work toward a logic of one world to understand what will be possible, impossible, and necessary. The ethical choice for us then will be to determine what degree of our values we can achieve not only in the next fifteen years, but also, as we have in the past, for the longer future of humanity to come.

You can download the e-book or read it for free at http: As mentioned, it is now also a free online course. The first part is available at http: I would be thrilled to know what you think of it, and I truly hope that it is useful to your work. Book Name: Please could you send me the ebooks. I just embarked on a journey to find self relevance, and this just happens to be it. Thank you. It is really a great human service that books on philosophy are provided free of cost and that too in this modern era of prudency of economics in all the public fields.

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Philosophy in a Meaningless Life

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Download Free Philosophy eBooks: Related Content: Comments 41 You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. Prof V Madhava Rao says: November 11, at 7: Deall Aller says:Perrett, R. Landau, I. Of course, one might argue that a life would be meaningless if or even because it were unhappy or immoral, particularly given Aristotelian conceptions of these disvalues.

Sanders, S. According to him, the bads of existing e. Mairet tr. These and the other questions posed in this survey still lack conclusive answers, another respect in which the field of life's meaning is tantalizingly open for substantial contributions. Munitz, M. It not only explores the traditional philosophical concepts at the heart of leisure studies, but also pursues new possibilities for reconceptualising leisure that have emerged from recent developments in society, technology and the broader discipline of philosophy itself.

The familiar idea is that God has a plan for the universe and that one's life is meaningful to the degree that one helps God realize this plan, perhaps in the particular way God wants one to do so Affolter