When this article was originally published at GUS, my older site, in , there was a Texas Method eBook being offered for sale. At this time. 1. Table of Contents Preface 3 Introduction 4 Chapter 1 What is the Texas Method? 7 Chapter 2 The Transition 12 Chapter 3 Changing the Recipe 20 Chapter 4. inglobseclucog.cf: Applying the Texas Method to Powerlifting: A Comprehensive Guide eBook: Ramsay Kirkhy: site Store.

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I recently downloadd your ebook on the Texas Method. First of all, thank you so much. I really appreciate you clarifying many questions I had about the intricacies . The Texas Method is typically recommended, yet there isn't a clear guide . This is why I have not downloadd the Greyskull LP ebook yet either. And THAT being said the texas method ebook is what, 30 bucks? Kind of a rip for a 60 page ebook that also has a part 2 for the same price.

The programmatic structure of the Texas Method allows for an optimal rate of progress for the early intermediate trainee. You are maximizing the amount of full stress-recovery-adaptation cycles that you go through in a given amount of training time.

Like most programs, the Texas Method almost completely ignores the law of individual differences. These additions are key because they represent at least SOME attempt to address individual differences.

However, in the end, the program falls short on this particular attribute. On the Texas Method, you cannot take advantage of this fact. The weights are predetermined, the volumes are predetermined, and you cannot go outside the structure.

The reality of training is that everyone needs different levels of volume and everyone makes progress at a different rate. Not only that, but everyone needs different levels of volume and makes progress at a different rate on a week to week basis!

The Texas Method does not, and cannot, account for that when used as a percentage base program. Overall, I think there are aspects of the Texas Method that are unsurpassed by other intermediate programs. Namely, the overall programmatic structure is ideal for the intermediate trainee. The program lends itself well to both peaking for a meet and long term progress.

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You can potentially run this very basic program, with only a few adjustments and resets along the way, for a full year or two. That said, the program needs to be adjusted to better account for specificity and individual differences.

The 1: The Texas Method is definitely a very good choice for an intermediate program. As a powerlifter, you should be prepared to make some adjustments to it. If you want my take on how to best do that, check out ProgrammingToWin. This might just be the most popular program on the entire internet. Get your copy now! If you liked this articled, and you want instant updates whenever we put out new content, including exclusive subscriber articles and videos, sign up to our Newsletter!

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Unfortunately, most trainees want to find one program they can use, seemingly, for the rest of their lives. Am I recommending it? If you are just beginning, but past the initial stages of training, you may want to give something like this a whirl, but there are much better ways to go, quite frankly. High volume at moderate intensity is used at the first of the week, a light workout is done in the middle for maintenance of motor pathways, and then a high-intensity workout at very low volume ends the week.

This circular reasoning defines a beginner and intermediate according to the needs of the program. In other words, it is saying that you are a novice because you recover from the workload on a day to day basis. Why can you recover on a day to day basis? Because you are a novice. Because you are an intermediate. It is the height of nonsense and a hallmark of the unscientific and spurious explanations behind these programs.

This is all Ignoring the fact of the ever-increasing workload from week to week that you are supposed to magically recover from because of your angelic-like intermediate status. It looks like this: Monday Squat, 5 sets of 5 reps Wednesday Squat, 2 light sets of 5 -or- Front Squat, 3 sets of 3 Friday Squat, One heavy set of 5 Here is another example of this basic intermediate template, this time for pressing exercises: Monday Push Press, 6 sets of 3 reps Wednesday Press, 2 sets of 5 reps Friday Push Press, 1RM, 2RM, or 3RM Most intermediate trainees will be able to spend months making progress on programs set up like this one.

Different set and rep schemes can be used, as long as the basic template of a volume workout, a light workout, and an intensity workout is followed.


The Monday workout should be stressful enough to cause homeostatic disruption. The second training session should be enough work that the muscles involved are used through the range of motion, but at a load that does not add to the disruption caused by the first workout.

The third day should be an attempt at a personal record. When a program like this is started, the goal is to make progress on both Monday and Friday, just as in the novice program. When all the prescribed sets and reps on Monday are accomplished, raise the weight for the next week. In essense, progress is still being made, but the line is now being drawn between Monday and Monday and Friday and Friday, instead of between Monday and Wednesday.

Adding a set is a good idea.


Or, holding the total number of reps constant while using more lower-rep sets with a slightly higher weight also works well. Possible solutions could be to drop a set or two from the sets across, reduce the work-set weight, or reduce the reps in the work sets — from 5 sets of 5 with pounds to 5 sets of 3 with for example.

High-intensity training, the utilization of a very high percentage of force production capacity, is very productive but difficult to recover from in large doses. The object is to really explode under the bar and complete each set as quickly as possible. Building a Fitness Library Paleo Now! The Purpose of a Program 70's Big. Intermediate Strength Training - Train.

Why The Texas Method May Be The Best Intermediate Program

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The Texas Method: Dear Justin, I recently downloadd your ebook on the Texas Method. Sincerely, Dave This 64 page e-book is lays the foundation for basic programming, outlines the Texas Method template, how to transition into it, how to progress and tweak it, and how to use the Texas Method for various sub-goals like swollertrophy, conditioning, and power development.You are commenting using your WordPress.

I read the sheet wrong on the lifts. The deadlift is too important to deprioritize like that. You feel like you are working hard and you feel badass.

Additionally, there is far more lower-body volume than upper-body volume — another issue common to Rippetoean programming. First of all, I want to clarify one point: For instance, people are saying that it is not linear progression because the load changes during the week. Overload The Texas Method employs basic progressive overload.