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How to save an eBook's file to transfer to your device.

If you are using your computer to look at an eBook, you can save the eBook's file s to your computer so that you can copy it to your device. Try the "save as If you don't have a right mouse button on some Macs , use control-click to get the pop-up menu.

For HTML, make sure you save the complete page.

How to Save a PDF to Your iPhone or iPad

This won't work, since viewing the book will require you to be online, and link "inline" to those images. All Web browsers offer this as a menu option, but it might not be the default choice. Where is the file?

If you just left-click a file to download, you might get a dialog box or something similar, asking whether you want to save the file. But where did it go? It seems there are many different places your computer might save the file, and they can be hard to find later.

Use the "save as Also, keep in mind that the Project Gutenberg files might have names that don't related to the book's title we use a numeric file naming scheme based on the eBook number. You can rename the files to anything you'd like, but you will first need to know where they are saved.

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How to get the file to my device? This varies quite a bit, but the first step is to find where you saved the file sometimes you can save directly to your device, if it is connected.

One common variation is to connect your device to your computer, often with a USB cable. Then, just drag and drop or use another method for copying files to put the file on your device.

Another common variation is to use a separate program that manages your device's content, and to open the file and transfer it from within that program iTunes is a common example of this. Hey, it doesn't look right! For a variety of reasons, this automation sometimes yields files that don't look right on every device, particularly those with small screens.

One common problem is to have lots of white space at the top of an eBook, or very wide margins.

Also, it might be that images from the HTML version of the book are not included in the automatically-generated version. If you got the right file, but it doesn't look right, it's probably not something you can fix.

Try another file format, especially HTML or plain text. HTML and plain text can be viewed by many of the specialized eBook reader devices and mobile phones.

The help pages for the devices we looked all have a page describing how to transfer files from your computer to your site, which is sometimes called "sideloading. Here is site's device help page Beware that site sells for money many titles in print and digital format that you can get free from Project Gutenberg. In addition, we have found that site outsources many of their own digital imprints, and sometimes their non-free titles violate the Project Gutenberg trademark.

Project Gutenberg has never received any trademark royalty payments from site or site resellers or imprints. For older pre content, there is a good chance that Project Gutenberg has it free of charge, but site will charge money for it. Of course there might be advantages to the non-free version such as better formatting. Be aware, and make an informed choice. Blocked Users Since , site site users have reported being detected as "robots" by the software running www.


On investigation, it was determined that site has been using computer addresses within its cloud services to aggregate requests from site users. The net result is that to www.

This causes www. The exact conditions under which this aggregation takes place are not clear.

We do not have a workaround to disable this outcome. If your device is blocked, the block will expire automatically though it may appear again depending on site's routing of queries to www.

A good workaround is to instead use your computer to access www. Open the PDF file that you wish to search by tapping on the file.


Step 3. Then tap the magnifying glass that is the upper end on the right side. Step 4. Type the text or term that you want to search for, then you can click on the search section of the keyboard.

You will see the search results provided, scroll to jump on the one you would like. Option 2.

Read anywhere, anytime, on any device

It makes it faster to find text in PDF files. QuickSearch PDF reader works when you add a document as it scans the background of the documents hence when you search for text the results will be automatically displayed. It allows to search within specific documents and even from all documents you want to search from. Its viewer is natural with easy navigation, great zooming tools and jumping to pages and documents as you wish.Select the PDF to open a preview.

Dropbox Tip: When you open the PDF on your mobile device, follow the directions to save it. You might have the ebook file on your computer because you downloaded it from a link on your eSellerate receipt, or through various special scenarios.

I truly wish Scribd would take customers into account with this sort of thing and try to create a solution instead of their auto-generated responses.