Printable & PDF maps of Rome subway, underground & tube (metropolitana) with informations about the ATAC network map, the stations and the 2 lines. Printable & PDF maps of Rome transportation & transport network, tourist attractions map and other maps of Rome in Italy. Offline PDF map of Metro or Train in Rome with information about the ATAC full maps, including lines, stations and routes.

Rome Metro Map Pdf

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Uploaded by: HELAINE - Rome metro map, Roma metropolitana, subway map, metro of Rome . Page 1. Map of the Rome Subway System and the. Train to the Airport. Milan Metro Map Plano Metro, Subway Map, Public Transport, Rome Map, Milan. Visit MBTA Commuter Rail Boston Map, Boston Area, Travel And Tourism.

Presently, Rome has a fleet of buses that includes electric,, conventional, diesel and hybrid vehicles.

The most important information is found on each bus stop. Although this does seem straightforward, once there, having waited 30 minutes without seeing one bus drive past, things might seem a littly trickier.

All you need to know about using Rome Metro including tickets, prices and passes

The good news is that many bus stops now include screens with the number of the bus and when the next is due to arrive. Bus tickets can be bought in any metro station, news-stand or convenience stores. If you are planning on using the bus regularly, we recommend you download a few at a time or get a travel card , which might be a better option. However, tourists must insert their tickets in a validation machine.

If you want to find out more about the different bus routes in Rome, or would like to plan a journey, check out the official bus website: The Metro of Rome only has three lines and is currently the smallest metro system in Europe.

Nevertheless, it reaches the city's most important landmarks. Since the metro lines of Rome are rather limited, visitors will most likely need the bus public transport system to get to certain parts of the city.

It may not be the most comfortable or punctual form of transportation. Nevertheless, to get to certain monuments and museums it is essential to use the bus.

Rome tickets and passes on Metro – a user’s guide

Currently, Rome has bus lines that run throughout the day, 22 night buses and 8, stops. As traffic is an important issue in Rome, do not get impatient if the buses are delayed or if you get stuck in traffic jams, as it is most likely to happen and at any time of day. Presently, Rome has a fleet of buses that includes electric,, conventional, diesel and hybrid vehicles. Types of buses In Rome there are various types of lines, these are the most popular: Urban lines U : The large majority.

Rome attractions and nightlife Hot Alien Disco is a popular disco that is decorated in oriental style. The club attracts fans of all kinds of music.

Here are conducted vintage parties, rock concerts, and performances of popular Travel tips for Rome 3. It is recommended to leave tips in local restaurants and cafes.

Rome Metro and Trains Offline Map (PDF)

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Maps of ATAC's bus, Metro & tram routes - Rome Forum

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Tram map of Rome.Groups of ticket inspectors from time to time descend on to a bus or platform to check all passengers have valid tickets. Relief maps of oceanic floor. From Piazza di Spagna metro station line A many major attractions are within walking distance: If you have downloadd a pass, you put the pass into the machine on your first journey.

Some of the stations are not that conspicuous and easy to locate at street level, often just a couple of Metro signs by an entrance that could be steps going anywhere at the smaller stations. Expect overcrowding, even at off-peak times.