BASIC ENGLISH GRAMMAR Will you be free tomorrow evening? This book is a three in one - grammar reference guide, error correction and phrasal verb You . In this post, I've curated a list of the best free English grammar books that you can Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that. every week by e-mail, as well as the Free English Grammar E-Book Level 1.

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Download the English grammar book in PDF for free. To down load the basic grammar PDF book. To download the book click on the following link and. Feel free to download, re-use, or share the following English grammar lessons Reader installed, click here for instructions on how to download a free copy. The Oxford Guide to English Grammaris a systematic account of grammatical forms and the beginning of each chapter which gives a bird's eye view, with examples, of the Kingdom and Italy who discussed this book in the early stages of its.

Each of them has its advantages and you can choose the most relevant ones depending on your learning needs. How to Make the Most of a Grammar Book These tips below will guide you on how to make the best of any grammar book that you refer to.

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Do the lessons chapter-wise. Most grammar books will deal with the simple and basic topics before moving on to the difficult ones. So following the sequence of lessons as outlined in the contents page might be a good idea.

Read the theory first. Try to form sentences using the examples given in the book.

Most of the examples in these books will use common English vocabulary and phrases. So you can try and memorize their formats to use in your own communication. Look for answer keys to check your answers.

An answer key will tell you the correct responses to each exercise so you can compare your work. Supplement with real-world English videos on FluentU.

If you want to watch it, the FluentU app has probably got it. Every video comes with interactive subtitles, which you can click for an instant, in-context definition of any word.

FluentU lets you learn engaging content with world famous celebrities. FluentU helps you learn fast with useful questions and multiple examples.


This is called the dependent genitive; the actual rela- tion between the notions expressed by the two nouns largely depends on their lexical meaning. The dependent genitive may be of two kinds. The specifying genitive denotes a particular person or thing.

It has the following meanings: a possessive genitive the have relation : Dr Browns son Dr Brown has a son ; b subjective genitive the subject-verb relation : his parents con- sent his parents consented ; c objective genitive the verb-object relation : the prisoners re- lease they released the prisoner.

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There is considerable overlap in the uses of the specifying -s geni- tive and the of-phrase caused by their functional and semantic simi- larity: the childrens father the father of the children, my sisters room the room of my sister. With proper names, however, the geni- tive case is the rule: Peters birthday, Susans address.

The genitive case is preferred for the subject-verb relation, and the of-phrase for the verb-object relation: Livingstones discovery that is Livingstone discovered something but: the discovery of Livingstone which would usually mean that somebody discovered Livingstone.

It should also be noted that if both the subject of an action and its object are mentioned, the former is expressed by a noun with -s pre- ceding the name of the action and the latter by an of-phrase following it, as in: Coleridges praise of Shakespeare. The same applies to the The -s genitive is also common with nouns denoting distance and measure and also some miscellaneous nouns: a miles distance, a shil- lings worth, a rooms interior, a books title, the works popularity, the engines overhaul life, etc.

Some freely formed phrases seem to prove that it is not absolutely necessary for a noun to denote a living being in order to be capable of having an -s form. There is a considerable number of fixed expres- sions in which all kinds of nouns occur in the -s genitive: the ships crew, the ships doctor, a needles point, dutys call, keep someone at arms length, keep out of harms way, do something to ones hearts content, be only a stones throw away, be at ones wits end, for good- ness sake, etc.

With some nouns, both the -s genitive and the of-phrase are used to express possession: the Earths gravity the gravity of the Earth, the Queens arrival the arrival of the Queen, the plans importance the importance of the plan, Syrias history the history of Syria. The -s genitive is generally used to talk about parts of peoples or animals bodies: a mans hand, a cats tail. Note that for words like top, bottom, front, back, side, edge, inside, outside, beginning, middle, end, part, the of-structure is usually preferred: the top of the hill, the end of the book, the bottom of the glass.

There are, however, a number of common exceptions: the waters edge, the mountain top, etc. The of-structure can refer to something that is used by a person or animal; the first noun refers to the user: childrens clothes, womens magazines, a birds nest.

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British and American English sometimes differ. In older English, the of-structure was more common in this case e. I went to the bakers. We spent a week at our uncles. The term genitive with ellipsis was suggested on the assumption that the -s form is an attribute to some noun which is supposed to be self-evident, and may be omitted: I went to the bakers shop, We spent a week at our uncles house, etc.

However, certain linguists find this interpretation doubtful. The independent genitive is typical of expressions relating to pre- mises or establishments. Thus, in Lets meet at Andrews tomorrow, the phrase at Andrews would normally mean where Andrew lives, even though the hearer might not know whether the appropriate head noun would be house, apartment, or flat.

It is important, how- ever, that hotel room where Andrew could only be staying not living is excluded. By contrast, I shall be at the dentists would refer to the dentists professional establishment, and the same applies to proper names where they refer to commercial firms, bars and res- taurants: Lets have lunch at Johnnys.

What is the structure after I wish? When do we say used to do and when do we say used to doing?

When do we use the? What is the difference between like and as? These and many other points of English grammar are explained in the book and there are exercises on each point.

Some advanced students who have problems with grammar will also find the book useful. The book is not suitable for elementary learners. Each unit concentrates on a particular point of grammar.

Some problems for example, the present perfect or the use of the are covered in more than one unit.By contrast, I shall be at the dentists would refer to the dentists professional establishment, and the same applies to proper names where they refer to commercial firms, bars and res- taurants: Lets have lunch at Johnnys. Navigation English Language and Culture Blog.

You can also sort books by their relevance, popularity and page counts to narrow down your options. Also Like Our Facebook Page. English Grammar.

In generalizations and rules, singular and plural nouns are both possible: A present participle is used in a progressive verb form. Take advantage of grammar books and other resources available online.

The topics are arranged alphabetically and you can literally start anywhere. In English the category of case has become the subject of lively controversy in linguistics.