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Aadujeevitham by Benyamin - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Randamoozham Mt Malayalam. Uploaded by. Rajeev Ramakrishnan . oat Days (original title: Adujivitam, Malayalam: ആടുജീവിതം) is a novel by Malayalam author Benyamin (born Benny Daniel) based on. AADUJEEVITHAM Pdf Format is available in internet.. Please follow this link to download

The owner Ismail, known to everyone as Bava, was quite a popular character in our village. Apart from his lean, really lean figure, what made him a fan favorite was his quick witted conversations.

A laugh was guaranteed whenever you spoke with him.


Along with him inside the shop, I could also see Shihab. Almost all the times, that is how you address your elders.

He is the poster child of social activeness. Along with a real pleasant humor sense, he has an incredible charisma and a dedicated will to help anyone in need.

I have never been able to figure out what his motivation is for being so helpful. Suffice to say he was the one who helped me find my accommodation when I moved to Bangalore. The front of the shop had a glass wall.

While locking down, they had a shutter in front of it which they would pull down and lock it to the latch on the ground. I waved at them.

Aadujeevitham by Benyamin

I could not resist going in. We exchanged greetings and chatted for a while.

Bava was busy since he had a lot of orders come in the previous days and the customers kept on calling asking whether their dress was ready. Come with me. I hopped onto his motorbike and headed for his home, which was on the fields, at the bottom of a small hill. It was almost PM.

His Mom made Sulaimani black tea for both of us. Over tea, he explained about how elegant and creative the writing was. It was a short conversation and we left his place by He dropped me off at my home and we parted exchanging Salams.

I must say I am glad that this happened in my life. But he mixed lot of thoughts and imagination for the better reading. This shows the talent of the writer.

There are much characters along with the hero. That is Hakkim and Hameed.

Aadujeevitham – A Goat like Life – Must Read

If we tried to understand th life of the hero,definitely it makes tears from our eyes No doubt Najeeb is forced to stay all time in the open desert, whether it is the blazing hot summer noon or the biting winter night. He is given only Kuboos Arabic bread soaked in water to eat; water, and occasionally goat milk, to drink.

He has only one set of clothes, which he is supposed to wear continuously. Baths are out of the question. Najeeb tends goats, sheep and camels without rest throughout the day. Any small mistake results in horrendous beatings.

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He slowly realises this is going to be his life from now on-like the goats, castrated and penned in, till one day they make the final journey to the slaughterhouse. He forms a deep kinship with the goats; gives them the names of his acquaintances from home and talks to them regularly.

He rejoices when they give birth and mourns when they die. Towards the end of the story, as his humanity is almost totally stripped away, he even sleeps with a she-goat. Najeeb is a pious, God-fearing Muslim.

This, coupled with the fatalism that is the hallmark of most Indians, Najeeb is the perfect victim, the slave every owner would love to have. But it is also this unquestioning acceptance of his fate that allows Najeeb to survive his ordeal for three and a half years.After waiting for a long time, they see a torn apart mini lorry revving up the road that leads to the airport.

Jaison George. Neethu Sujith.

However, I had continued reading Malayalam from the newspapers. Sumesh Phoenix. Abdul Basheer. Enjan inne vare vaayichathil ettavum manoharamaya novel orickalum marackanavatha, eppozhum puthuma thonnippickunna valare easy aaya rachana.

Sulaiman Ujam Padave. A very good story that everyone should read.